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Our Products

The tangible results of our design and consulting services. Visual, sometimes digital or interactive multi-media, products you can use as communications and work tools to help make better decisions, work smarter, and perform better.



We can draw out any idea, concept or problem. It could be a single 2-3 hour design session or a series of engagements. The process is as much "the product" as the end result, and we'll never know what the end product is before we get there:)



Visions are the articulation of a team's idea of a core problem, solution and the "system" it fits into. Like most of our products, the process of creating the vision is as important as the resulting picture of a clear, coherent and cohesive idea of what your team is working to accomplish and why.



There are a lot of BAD examples of strategic thinking and planning. For us, a strategy needs to be a clear, coherent and cohesive product your team can actually use to help them make decisions and work smarter. A clearly defined problem your team is capable of going to work on - that you have sufficient ability and leverage to affect - with guidelines and a cohesive set of actions.



Drawing the phases, sequences and sub processes involved in how your business operates. Legislative and Regulatory Process Maps, Business Process Maps, Diagnostic Process Maps, they all serve to help you define, optimize and codify a repeatable process.



One of the biggest challenges in any business or government program is attribution - measuring the impact of your work in light of all the different market forces at play. We design data-driven indicator frameworks that codify your vision and strategy and provide useful information changes in "the system" you are trying to affect to help you make better, data-driven decisions and communicate the impact of your work.



Most of our products can be turned into data-driven workflow applications. Wether its a single process map, or an ongoing process of refining a collective vision, our vision is to create and integrate the tools your team needs to continually create and improve a collective business vision, strategy and process.


We do follow up "after action reviews" with our clients to measure and improve our performance. Below are the results of a short survey conducted by the PHAC after a design project with us:

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