Innovation Through Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking: Facilitate analysis and enable effective communication through vivid, high impact visual experiences.

Thinking Through Visual Processing
Broadly defined, Visual Thinking is the use and exploration of images as tools for communication, understanding, analysis and problem solving. When practiced with rigorous discipline, Visual Thinking techniques result in the production of graphic ideas that help us understand ideas, problems, processes and systems in intuitive, novel and original ways.

Visual Thinking Advantages
Visual Thinking has a wide range of benefits for brainstorming and communications, policy analysis and development, meetings and collaborative work groups, decision making and strategic planning.

  • Highlight patterns of emerging challenges, arguments, viewpoints, scenarios, trends and options
  • Show the big picture AND the details
  • Synthesize complex and valuable information from disparate stakeholders or points of view
  • Facilitate creative responses to complex issues and patterns
  • Move meetings along rapidly with in-depth discussions and understanding of issues
  • Enable greater participation from group members, fostering a deeper and broader understanding
  • Facilitate rapid cross-disciplinary discussions of complex social and technical issues
  • Help structure the flow of complex discussions
  • Graphics can compliment or even substitute for long written reports
  • Increase the appreciation for complex issues without obscuring decision points and alternatives
  • Facilitate a broader and deeper study of complex issues
  • Engage wider stakeholder groups with visually appealing infographics
  • Incorporate powerful, generative metaphors and images that trigger creativity and innovative thinking
  • Communicate implications and risks of strategies and plans

From Our Experience…
The Delsys Visual Thinking approach focuses on gathering information, facilitating lively discussions and the communication of complex business and product-related concepts via high-impact visual and interactive media.

Visual Thinking techniques reveal vital data that have been overlooked, inadequately correlated, or never collected in the first place. Being able to see the details and the big picture simultaneously improves our ability to evaluate policy implications, consequences, and tradeoffs.

The “Delsys Experience”, enabled by our Visual Thinking techniques, is often referred to as one of the most important take-aways from the modelling sessions facilitated at our offices.

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