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Eric Milligan | Chairman

Delsys: 613.562.4077
Mobile: 613.513.7122
Email: milligan@delsys.ca

Eric Milligan is the founder and Chairman of Delsys Research Group Inc. He is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School (LL.B) and University of Toronto Law School (LL.M), and is a member of the B.C. Bar. He has focused his consulting practice on the application of System Dynamics analytical methods and Visual Thinking approaches to issues in law, public policy, and public administration.

He has provided strategic planning and project management assistance for over seventy federal government bills and a variety of implementation programs. As one of the leading Canadian experts in the design and operation of regulatory systems, Mr. Milligan has played a key role in helping federal departments develop and successfully implement regulatory and legislative initiatives.

He is also a recognized expert in the area of government regulation and regulatory compliance. As an escape from the rigours of his consulting practice, he composes mindlessly repetitive, but infectious electronic dance music in his home studio.



Natalia Popowych | Senior Associate, Strategic Advisor

Delsys: 613.562.4077
Mobile: 613.218.6237
Email: popowych@delsys.ca

Natalia Popowych is a senior associate and strategic advisor with Delsys Research Group and is a graduate of McGill University. Over the last 20 years, Natalia has assisted numerous executive and management teams within the public and private sectors with visioning, designing, strategizing, planning and implementing a variety of major initiatives.

She has developed and assisted with the delivery of customized interactive workshops on strategy design, conceptual modeling, project planning, and visual thinking for a host of federal government departments and private sector clients. Using a visual and design thinking approach, she regularly assists management teams in learning how to creatively depict complex strategic, legal, scientific and technical concepts in a variety of formats including a range of graphical layouts, presentations, and interactive applications. Her highly engaging facilitation style and people-focused approach helps her clients achieve results.





Katie Cassidy | Visual Design Consultant, Visual Communications Specialist

Delsys: 613.562.4077
Mobile: 819.328.2801
Email: cassidy@delsys.ca

Kathleen (Katie) Cassidy is a Visual Design Consultant and the Visual Communications Specialist for Delsys. She is a graduate of the Algonquin College Graphic Design program and has worked everywhere from the high-tech sector to government and small design firms, developing skills across a variety of media platforms. With over twenty-five years of experience as a Graphic Designer and lead designer for all Delsys projects, no product goes out the door before crossing Katie’s desk.

From process maps, conceptual models, project plans, knowledge management and communications tools, she assists the Delsys consulting team from concept to production. Her graphics communicate complex legal, policy, organizational, and process structures with considerable impact, to a wide range of audiences.

Katie enjoys gardening, bicycling, writing, and any hobby that starts with a ‘K’, which means it takes shockingly little to get her to sing in public.


Jennifer Bohan | Associate, Senior Administrative Specialist

Delsys: 613.562.4077
Mobile: 613.218.8317
Email: bohan@delsys.ca

Jennifer Bohan is an associate and senior administrative specialist for Delsys Research Group. For more than 30 years, Jennifer has built a career on a foundation of project management and administration, product development and delivery, and training and education, with specialized skills in the development of financial forecasting and decision making tools for senior managers and business owners.

Having assisted the Delsys Team for the last 12 years, Jennifer’s keen eye has taken attention to detail and quality control to the next level. With her unique set of skills all grounded in the discipline of finance, operational excellence, and visual and design thinking, she has redefined the function of administrator to that of an invaluable and complex team player who draws on a vast variety of skills that are essential for any project to be successful. Ultimately, successful projects lead to happy clients who achieve results.



MarcoMarco DeLuca |

Work: 613.562.4077
Email: deluca@delsys.ca




 All photos courtesy of Leslie Bertrand

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