Our Story

Using the principles of System Dynamics with Visual Thinking Techniques, our mission is to…
  • Develop Broader and Deeper Insight: We use visual representations of information and System Dynamics modelling to organize ideas that illustrate both the big picture and the details of complex concepts.
  • Design Effective Strategies: By understanding how systems change over time, we identify high-leverage intervention points and design strategies that can influence a system in measurable ways that minimize unintended consequences.
  • Make Better Decisions: Engaging stakeholders with materials that communicate choices and impacts, we facilitate deeper understanding and increase appeal for complex issues while drawing attention to options and key decisions.
  • Ensure Effective and Timely Implementation: We use planning and management skills and developing tools to help people do the right work, do the work right, and do the right amount of work.
  • Enhance Operational Delivery: Using System Dynamics and visual thinking techniques, we develop and present models, processes and various tools that will enable efficient and effective delivery of programs of any complexity.
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