We can jump in at any phase of a program or project to research, analyze, organize and assist in modeling complex business and policy related dynamics through a variety of proven methodologies and visual tools.

  • Policy Development and Analysis: Our experience with a broad range of clients allows us to provide policy analysis and advice that is specific and appropriate to their needs. Our clients includes federal and provincial government programs and regulatory agencies, private businesses, international governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations.
  • Public Policy Research and Reviews: Our research and analysis division excels at gathering, compiling, analyzing and reporting on data from a broad range of sources and on a wide variety of subjects in a clear, concise and compelling manner. We typically work very closely with our clients to develop and validate an approach, and to carry out in-depth research and analysis projects in any area of public policy. This includes complex issues such as Canada’s Health Care System, Human Resources and Skills Development, Aboriginal Economic Development and Consumer Safety and Vulnerability.
  • Information and Communication Materials: We prepare custom training sessions and seminars for our clients on a variety of subjects. These include broad management subjects such as Quality or Knowledge Management, as well as targeted sessions for particular subjects and legislation.
  • Compliance and Enforcement: Delsys consultants are known as experts in regulatory affairs for federal regulatory agencies and have been leaders in the development of standard approaches to compliance and enforcement for several Canadian regulatory regimes. Delsys teams have assisted in the development of compliance and enforcement policies and strategies for a number of departments and regulatory provide strategic advice and guidance for the implementation of strategies and the training of personnel on specific approaches to compliance and enforcement.
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