• Legislative Implementation Planning: Our collaborative and disciplined approach to implementation planning ensures that every operational requirement of new legislation is captured and planned for accordingly. We facilitate planning sessions and create visual products and management tools tailored for large implementation teams, management teams, and senior management briefings.
  • Corporate Planning and Reporting: Canada’s federal government planning and reporting cycle is a key operational requirement for every public organization. Our corporate planning and reporting tools help clarify responsibilities, deliverables and timelines for your team. This cycle is typically bookended by the Report on Plans and Priorities and the Departmental Performance Report. We can help you to customize and communicate these requirements and responsibilities in a fresh, clear and compelling way.
  • Project Planning: Our project planning services help managers and executives focus on their high-level priorities. Let us keep track of the details for you. We develop high level and detailed project plans, templates and tools for reporting, as well as briefing materials for senior management. These tools help focus your team on project dependencies, risks and scheduling considerations, keeping things running smoothly and collaboratively.
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