Implementation and Administration

We have the distinct ability to take any concept, story, plan or process and work with you to transform coplex ideas into visual, intuitive and effective tools for communications and operations.

We work with your team to define, develop and implement plans, providing guidance and designing the tools you need for effective reporting, management and administration.

  • Logic Modelling: We facilitate the development of program logic models using our unique collaborative systems-based approach to modeling. In this approach, we bring together the right mix of program staff and stakeholders and use Visual Thinking techniques to map out program inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes.
  • Process Mapping: The Delsys team has extensive experience in mapping and analyzing business processes in a variety of contexts:
    • Legislative and Regulatory Process Maps
    • Business Process Maps
    • Diagnostic Process Maps

    Our firm has a long-established methodology for mapping processes and modelling functional relationships. Process maps can be used for communications and diagnostic purposes. This gives a team the structure it needs to have pragmatic discussions that encourage collaborative troubleshooting and innovative ideas.

  • Business Simulation Modelling: We are one of the only firms in Canada staffed by trained System Dynamicists who have mastered not only the concepts of Systems Thinking, but also the more rigorous skills needed to build quantitative System Dynamics simulations. Our clients use these models to run scenarios on potential outcomes of policy decisions to anticipate important (and sometimes unintended) consequences. We are the only firm in Canada that specializes in applying Systems Dynamics concepts and methods to public governance issues.
  • Program Delivery: Finding the best ways to deliver new program requirements, or ways to improve the execution of current requirements, can be a daunting task. We push your team to think “outside the box”, generating fresh perspectives in this process. Our collaborative approach and visual communications tools will help you tackle new requirements in an innovative way, and communicate them with impact.
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