Consulting Services

For over 30 years, the Delsys consulting methodology has successfully employed a people-oriented and innovative approach to consulting engagements.  Delsys places very high value on lively and creative “workshop” style modeling sessions that allow people to “get on the same page”.  When teams within an organization share a similar “mental model” and are able to characterize and articulate a common strategy or framework with common objectives, they are more likely to work together more effectively.  Our expertise in policy analysis, business and project planning, and communications enables very focused and productive working sessions. In our experience, Visual Thinking techniques have proven to be extremely effective in gathering information, facilitating collective learning and consensus building across diverse professional groups.  Participants in these workshops typically find that the most important “take-away” is a more comprehensive understanding of a strategy and the role that they will play going forward.

A variety of public and private sector organizations have used the unique Delsys strategic visual modeling and communications consulting services with great success to conceptualize and communicate program implementation/reform strategies, structure multi-stakeholder and interdepartmental consultations, facilitate conflict resolution, communicate organizational redesign and changes in governance structures, as well as to educate employees about complex programs and processes.

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