The Road to Excellence is Always Under Construction.

The Road to Excellence is Always Under Construction.

The road to excellence is a continuous reach for innovation and performance.
In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations must stay ahead of client needs and expectations.

Average isn’t enough.

So how does an organization excel? You need to stay one step ahead of your clients. You should deliver better service than they’re expecting, and do it faster.

What will striving for organizational excellence really do to help?

Ultimately, excellence is about constantly improving how your organization works, not just focusing on what you do from day to day. It’s about empowering your people and pushing them to innovate ways of working smarter.

At Delsys, we set down a path to excellence using a common sense model that we call the QMPAS™ – Quality Management and Program Administration System. Everyone wants to work better. QMPAS shows you a path to deliver on that innovation and improvement.
We work together with our clients to create powerful tools that support each of the following ten QMPAS elements of organizational excellence. By working through the QMPAS approach, organizations can find better ways of working together. QMPAS works by having your team collaborate in developing and maintaining these ten elements:

1. Environment
Regularly study, review, understand and communicate the dynamics at work in your business environment.

2. Strategy
Based on a shared understanding of the business environment, develop and communicate your vision, mission and strategy to provide clear and measurable direction for your team.

3. Planning
Work together to carefully plan the implementation of your strategy. Communicate action plans through an integrated suite of planning materials.

4. Operations
Clearly outline roles and responsibilities, functions, and decision-making frameworks to maintain consistency and quality in product development and service delivery.

5. Process
Business process documentation is the root of operational performance. A common understanding of work-flow among team members enables review and improvement ‘where the rubber meets the road’.

6. Performance
Be obsessed with performance. Identify, monitor, report and take action on key metrics based on your QMPAS framework.

7. Innovation
Cultivate innovation through systematic experimentation supported by knowledge management, collaboration, best practices and bench-marking.

8. Change
Change is the single most challenging aspect of business administration. Be prepared to work together to implement changes on a cyclical basis.

9. Culture
Documents and software tools don’t improve organizations, people improve organizations. Be bold through communications, capacity building and recognition to cultivate a commitment to continuous improvement.

10. Strategic Resources
Building and sustaining strategic resources is the fuel that powers your competitive advantage. Align the right people, materials, equipment, knowledge and financial support at the right time to take performance to the next level.

Taken together, these ten elements of excellence form an integrated platform for assessing and improving your organization. It is a system. In a system, success in one area will often depend on strength in other areas. When all of these elements are strong, your organization is empowered to respond to risks and opportunities that emerge in your business environment. When they are weak or out of date, organizations run the risk of reeling from crisis to crisis.

Take a moment to think about these ten elements.

Does your team have all the tools they need? What are they missing? Most importantly, can you prove it?

Our team has helped dozens of organizations achieve their excellence goals and overcome challenges in each of these ten areas. We thrive in complex and fast paced business environments, and we are experts at strengthening communications and coordination. We are always happy to sit down to chat about your excellence goals, the challenges your team faces, and how Delsys might help.

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