A New Leaf: Key Questions for Public Sector Transformation

maple-leaf-wide-hd-wallpaper-download-maple-leaf-images-freeA friend of mine recently retweeted Justin Trudeau’s Open Letter to Canada’s Public Servants that was released back in September.

Given the number of retweets and shares that I saw on my Facebook and LinkedIn feeds, it appears that public servants have engaged with this letter and are anticipating some big changes now that Mr. Trudeau will be assuming the post of Prime Minister.
At Delsys we’ve been trusted partners and advisors to Canada’s public service for many years. We focus on helping governmental organizations deliver world-class public service.

As Mr. Trudeau notes, the business of public service has been changing rapidly and citizens are expecting better service from their government. His letter declared that a Liberal government’s approach to providing high quality service to citizens would include new performance standards for services offered by the federal government.

We’ve worked for many years on sharing our knowledge, tools and methods with Canada’s federal public service. We’ve collaborated with public servants across many portfolios to innovate and improve performance in their organizations and to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

As the public service turns a fresh page and begins thinking about how to raise the bar of performance, here are some initial questions to think about:

It all starts with your Environment:

  • Do you regularly and proactively engage with appropriate senior executives?
  • Do you know who the key players are in your business environment and do you regularly engage with them?
  • Do you have a current understanding of the key drivers and dynamics at work in your public service environment?

A Strong Strategy: So what are you going to do about it?

  • Is your strategic direction, including the mission, vision, values and goals periodically reviewed and revised according to your understanding of the evolving public service environment?
  • Are political and other stakeholders involved in the development of your organization’s strategy and management system?
  • Do executives and senior managers in your organization demonstrate leadership by committing to continuous improvement and public service excellence?

What are some of the key questions you’ll be thinking about as we transition to a new government in the coming months?

At Delsys we continue to research and develop leading models for Public Service Excellence and to help our clients continuously improve service delivery in their portfolios. This week we started things off by considering how to respond to your environment with an effective strategy. Stay tuned for more key questions to help you on your journey to public service excellence!

The Canadian Public Sector Excellence Fair takes place November 17th, 2015 at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. Craig will be hosting a talk show at the event with senior executives from the Privy Council Office, the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Canada School of Public Service.
Find out more about the talk show, the other exciting speakers and registration at www.cpsen.ca.

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