Why I need a vacation!

Why I need a vacation!

I heard a voice coming out of the corner office yesterday encouraging me to write a blog before I leave for my summer vacation. The voice was that of our CEO, Natalia. I smiled thinking to myself of the growing list of things I needed to accomplish before signing out of my Mac and heading out for my time off. The tone of her request reminded me of Mrs. Smith, my grade 5 English teacher, requesting one final essay to be completed before the school term ended. So in honour of Mrs. Smith, today I will write about why I need a summer vacation.

It’s not that I don’t love my job. I love the whole experience of working in a creative place like Delsys. I like every minute of my professional day from waking up and choosing the right bowtie to wear, picking up my daily chocolate cupcake and coffee, to turning on my mac and immersing myself with graphic design problems and riddles for a variety of clients. I love the interaction of a dynamic workplace where we work in teams to come up with visual solutions that match the carefully crafted content of our analysts. But as much as I like being here, I need a break!

This vacation away is going to give me the chance to do a lot of things to replenish my soul. I plan to:

Recharge and pamper
Oh yes, I plan on sleeping in! My brain needs a break. Everyone needs to be able to step away and come back with a fresh perspective. I plan on spending the first 3 days in a hammock just watching clouds go by – raspberry lemonade in hand. I’m going to explore my epicurious side and eat really well. I have a jaunt to Montreal planned with my sister for spa day where I plan to rest, eat to excess, and have my stresses massaged away.

Inspire myself
In a creative field, we find inspiration almost everywhere, but a vacation takes you out of your daily routine. It takes you on roads you haven’t travelled before surrounded by the sights and sounds you would normally miss. I love a week day off in my own city. The experience is totally different because the focus isn’t to get to and from work. Ottawa is made for vacationers and has countless attractions. I know it’s just up the street from Delsys, but I plan on a visit to the National Art Gallery to see the exhibit of The Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts 2015. That is sure to inspire me!

Drop the Tech
The final thing that I hope to accomplish is to get away from technology and focus on the real world for a few days by heading out to camp in Quebec. While the campground offers WIFI (mother nature would be shaking her head), I have decided to opt out and leave my laptop, and iPad at home. I have been trained to react to the ding of a email coming in or a vibration in my pants pocket with every text that comes in. I go to bed reading celebrity news my Flipboard app and wake up to cat videos on Facebook. Now don’t get me wrong I plan on plenty of selfies while I’m away but I’ll wait to post them until I return.

The second half of my vacation will be spend tickling, laughing, and playing with my four children. For me, vacations have always meant a chance to bond in meaningful ways with family. We’ll be taking day trips to grandma’s and hiking in the Gatineaus. Time off with those you love gives you that extra time to share an experience and build memories that will last a lifetime for you and for them.

I need this vacation, I have a lot to accomplish. And, when I return, I plan to be revitalized and ready to take on the world. Maybe I’ll write a follow up blog when I return on the grade 5 standard “How I spent my summer vacation”.

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