Regulatory Compliance Promotion: Modeling Delivery for Success

The compliance promotion programs of regulatory departments and agencies play a major role in protecting the public interest, promoting regulatory efficiency and effectiveness, and supporting regulatory reform, improvement and innovation such as the One-for-One Rule of the Government of Canada.

Compliance promotion encompasses the activities of regulators that are undertaken in order to facilitate compliance. In many programs, the primary emphasis is on increasing the awareness and understanding among regulatees and other stakeholders of current laws and regulations, the requirements to comply with rules, the benefits to regulatees and other groups from complying and the harms and penalties that result from not complying.

But compliance promotion extends beyond the aspect of regulatee awareness and understanding of the rules. Successful regulators will assess all the three causal factors affecting the likelihood of compliance – awareness of the rules, willingness to comply and ability to comply – as they operate in a system. Regulators should therefore examine how best to organize their program to influence those determinants with the greatest effect on the likelihood of compliance in their system.

The link below provides readers with access to a short article on the major attributes of successful compliance promotion delivery models and programs. We welcome your comments and reaction.

With Contributions from Brad Callaghan
Graphic by Katie Cassidy 
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